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  • What kind of sound is this?
  • So long as it remains out of sound
  • an ideal sound can be viable sound

This concept is from an idea by Gianluca Codeghini (samples) and Marco Mariani (trumpet). Codeghini is a conceptual artist emerged in the 90s and also engaged in electronic music, Mariani is a professional music player specialized in contemporary jazz. The project fits into the Noise music and combines the noise to the pure sound on a basis of sound objects, an archive of low or hi-fi samples, electronic or acoustic, a cut and paste reorganized by Gianluca Codeghini in more than thirty years of recordings. The pure sound is represented by a horn without any reworking. The trumpet and live electronics dialogue by creating an impromptu narrative structure that overlaps the pre-established one. The project addresses three micro topics such as dust, noise and crumbs and positions themselves between the visible and the invisible, between the audible and the unheard. Each theme collects six tunes. The live also makes use of a projection of images that interact with the theme and sounds.